Swarovski: brilliance, quality, design!

Welcome to Isa Dambeck, the home of high quality, New Zealand designed and hand-crafted jewellery with SWAROVSKI crystals, made in Germany.
All prices are in New Zealand Dollar and including delivery within New Zealand. If you are overseas, please let us know, and we can offer you shipping to you home.

For over 120 years, Swarovski has delighted and astonished the world with the unsurpassed beauty and quality of their crystals. These stunning crystals are valued the world over for their colour range, clarity and unique versatility; and here at Isa Dambeck we pride ourselves on offering the finest selection of authentic hand-crafted Swarovski crystal jewellery in New Zealand and Australia. Our Swarovski jewellery is designed here in New Zealand, and crafted by master artisans in a region of Germany that has specialised in creating jewellery for over a century. We are proud of this heritage, and we take great care to ensure each and every piece we sell meets with our standard of excellence.